Commercial Retaining Wall Construction Around Atlanta

Why are commercial retaining walls important?

Retaining walls are special types of wall structures generally constructed for holding materials such as soil on the top sloping side. They are meant for support mainly, but they also prevent soil erosion. These are commonly used on Atlanta road construction projects, but also have many uses around Cumming and Suwanee Ga because of how hilly the terrain is. Land isn’t always flat when we’re building commercial buildings. Instead of just leveling everything up to allow for construction, retaining walls are considered a better option to use. They are constructed on the sloping areas so as to prevent the soil from collapsing. A flat land or a terrace is creat

Cumming Commercial Retaining Wall

ed which can be used for planting small plants and flowers, hence adding the aesthetic value of our commercial buildings. The retaining walls are better because they also get rid of the monotonous flat land and commercial environment. A better, nicer looking view is created like the Cumming GA block retaining wall in this picture.

Installation of commercial retaining walls

The installation and design of retaining walls to install in your commercial environment vary with a lot of factors. No job site is the same as the other. All the variables have to be considered before installing. These may include storm water management, vehicle loading, soil type and local code requirements. These structures are required to be as strong as possible especially for the large ones holding a lot of loads. Experts have to be involved in the construction as a result. There are retaining wall companies out there that specialize in this field and perhaps they can help you install them appropriately. They are required to have proper base, shape, paver size, texture and also the laying pattern should be desirable.

Public safety and ensuring compliance

Commercial retaining walls are supposed to meet the set standards set by the regulatory bodies. This is mainly to ensure the safety of all the people accessing your commercial workplaces. The standards to be met include the ground and floor surfaces. The expert companies can then recommend the right products to use so as to ensure that the design desired meets the needs such as slip resistance as well as detectable surface warnings.

Slope stabilization and soil erosion

Retaining wall are appropriate structures to use in order to prevent the damages caused by the above factors. The retaining walls need to be constructed perfectly by an expert in order for it to serve purposes such as improving aesthetics, making safe the commercial property will increase the usable land and also prevent runoff and erosion. The runoff and soil erosion factors have to be considered during the construction as well as afterwards.

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Atlanta Residential Retaining Wall Built With Redi-Rock Commercial Wall Blocks

Building Retaining Walls That Last a Lifetime

Yashiv Construction dba McCullough landscaping is designing and building some of the finest  retaining walls in Atlanta and N. Georgia.

We recently used commercial Redi-Rock blocks to build a residential wall project in Atlanta.

Gravity Walls Save Valuable Space For Your Backyard Makeover

Because the incredible weight of these Redi-Rock commercial blocks, we conserved valuable sq. footage in this residential retaining wall using redi rockbackyard for our customer by not having to use any geo-grid anchor system. Because this retaining wall was over 25 feet tall, we would have been required to remove dirt ½ the distance behind the wall as the height of wall. That would have required us to install geo-grid behind the wall about 15 feet. This would’ve been a non-starter on this project because this residential retention wall is right on the property line. Which left us very few options.

Well, because code allowed us to build 13 courses high with the Redi-Rock blocks… we were able to provide this homeowner with a creative solution, which also became the focal point of their backyard renovation.

As shown in the video below, these blocks are really heavy, requiring the use of big machines. This loader was setting blocks that weighed 3290 lbs. and 2439 lbs.

Our highly trained crews have done several major roadside construction projects for the Georgia Dept. of Transportation. So we are well trained to take on such a task. But we also do many smaller residential walls designed and constructed with concrete modular retaining wall blocks.

Time For New Concrete Modular Block Retaining Wall?

If you have an old, rotted railroad tie wall that’s falling down from age and wood deterioration, then it’s time for a new modular block landscape wall, or even a Redi-Rock wall like the one in the video.

So, go ahead and call today to schedule your free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. Call today at: 678-210-1020

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Marietta GA Retaining Wall Company – McCullough Landscaping

McCullough Landscaping is proud to announce our new location in Marietta GA. This office is primarily an engineering and design office where our certified landscape architects will design the majority of our retaining wall plans. This is where we design our walls that are Built to last a lifetime.

Failing Cross Tie Walls Are a Liability to Homeowners In Marietta

We have found that many homes in this area are at the age where the original retention walls installed by the home builder are in need of replacement. Most of these landscape walls were originally built using either cross tie material, which are soaked in environmentally unfriendly creosote, or they were constructed using 6 x 6 pressure treated landscape timbers. Both materials have a limited life span and begin failing after reaching the 20 – 25 year mark. That is if they were constructed with proper design features which include proper drainage to prevent
hydro-static pressure build up. Typically these type walls will begin failing before 20 years if they weren’t designed and installed properly. That seems to be the case with most of the walls we have been replacing in the Marietta – Cobb County area.

Modular RetaininModular block retaining wall in Mariettag Wall Blocks are the way to go

We recommend using engineered modular retaining wall blocks on any newly installed hardscape structures. Not only do they come with a lifetime warranty, they are absolutely gorgeous and add a touch of class and elegance to areas that previously were ugly and detracted from the aesthetics of the property, not to mention had become dangerous and a liability for the  homeowner.

Modular Block Retaining Wall Costs

Most homeowners think they can save a lot of money by using wood timbers on their new retaining wall. But that’s not completely true. In the long run, over time it’s less expensive to use modular blocks. Surprisingly the material costs to use modular block instead of wood timbers is only about 10% – 15% higher. Then when you factor in that you get a lifetime warranty with modular block, it actually is cheaper over time to use block. Also in our opinion there is
no comparison when considering the looks of the modular block compared to a wood wall. So over time… it just makes sense to have McCullough Landscaping build a wall that lasts a lifetime.

Natural stone is also a long lasting landscape wall solution

Now recently we have designed and installed several natural stone and boulder walls. These type walls give a more natural feel to a property and when used in the right situation can be a very attractive and long lasting solution. Our designers will let you know if we think you have the right setting for a natural stone retaining wall. It pretty much goes without saying that these style retaining walls will last a lifetime. However it is very important that the foundation is designed property to prevent sinking and failing over time.

Commercial retaining walls in Marietta GA

McCullough Landscaping works closely with one of the leaders in the commercial retaining walCommercial retaining wall materialsl block industry, Redi-Rock. We specialize in designing commercial retention walls. Our crews are experienced in installing commercial retention walls and have done so for several private commercial properties as well as different municipalities in the Metro Atlanta Area.

McCullough Landscaping – Your Best Choice for retaining walls in Marietta

With our years of experience, 100’s of awesome retaining wall designs and installations, plus friendly and honest customer service – McCullough Landscaping is your best choice for a professional retaining wall company in Marietta Ga that you can trust!

See some of our recent Marietta projects by clicking around in the custom Google Map below

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Retaining Wall Reviews in Cumming and Suwanee GA

McCullough Landscaping has been busy! We’ve been focusing on customer satisfaction so that usually translates into happy customers… but also a full work load.

Our recent project in Cumming GA was very detailed and encompassed several different aspect of landscape design. The customer had a beautiful pool deck and outdoor living area. However it was mainly supported by a huge wood timber retention wall which stood over 15′ tall and spanned over 100′ in length. Well this timber wall was beginning to fail because of it’s age, and also because of the initial retaining wall design which didn’t take into account the pressure that would build over time from hydro-static pressure behind the wall.

So within a couple years this failing wood wall would have begun to effect the integrity of the entire pool deck and outdoor living area.

cumming retaining wall project review

Cumming retaining wall project

We were able to come in and completely prevent any further degradation of this area by coming up with an incredible landscape design which included at it’s focal point a new – modern modular block retaining wall. We were also able to find matching pool side stone pavers to tie into the existing paver patio. We added an addition 600 sq. ft. of useable pool deck to the area.

We also designed and installed a winding set of solid stone steps which finish the sloped end of the retaining wall with a flare that is absolutely awesome!

These stone steps lead to a nicely landscaped area which includes a grassy sod area, which then leads to a wooden bridge that crosses the creek to a stone and sand beach type area we created for their enjoyment.

Watch the video below as this Cumming GA retaining wall customer gives her testimonial

Call us today to schedule your Fee initial consultation. We would love to help transform your outdoor living area in the same way we helped this Cumming customer. Call (678)210-1020

We also design and build commercial walls around the Southeast. We are a certified Redi-Rock Supply Company installer.

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Retaining Wall Customer Testimonial

Landscape Wall Testimonial for
McCullough Landscaping

There seems to be more and more landscaping and retaining wall companies in Metro Atlanta every year. For homeowners it can be a daunting task to try and choose a reputable company that can be trusted to deliver a quality product. The good news is that reviews of local businesses can be found online in many places now. So at least a homeowner wanting to hire a retaining wall contractor anywhere from Atlanta to Cumming GA can check out the company by searching for online reviews and recommendations.

McCullough Landscaping takes pride in building structurally sound, strong and beautiful landscaping structures. We have plenty of satisfied customers and online 5 star ratings. You can check our retaining wall contractor reviews on Yelp.

Watch one of our satisfied customer reviews in the video below.

Are you thinking about have an outdoor living area, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, retaining wall or retention wall built in the near future. If so then contact Clent McCullough today to schedule your Free Consultation.
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Modular Blocks Make Beautiful Retention Walls

Modular Blocks Offer Flexibility When Constructing Landscape Walls

Modular blocks are made from poured reinforced concrete. They are constructed to tie back resisting gravity and therefore retaining soil. Modular blocks offer different aesthetic designs and are a common technique for wall retention. They are preferred in most application and designs now because of their simple construction technique, unlike the poured concrete walls. The designing of modular block walls in Atlanta can be applied in areas with environmental constraints. It is also flexible to make and durable as compared to stones.

cumming retaining wall

Modular Block Wall in Cumming GA

To construct this kind of gravity retention wall requires one to have modular concrete blocks, gravel and sand. Tools and materials required for construction are commonly available. They include the tape measure, a level, and wheelbarrow for transportation, rubber mallet, block splitter and a spade. For safety, you will also require leather gloves and glasses. These are materials used for residential and commercial heavy duty walls. Large and big commercial construction projects may require heavy machinery to make your work easy. McCullough Landscaping has the heavy equipment to perform these tasks.

Modular Blocks Offer Tremendous Support

Modular blocks are usually identical precast concrete units that are independently placed interlocking to offset pressure. They are placed in a tier system and are very advantageous in areas with seismic soils. These blocks are simple to construct and cost effective. You start by ground leveling, high level precast concrete units, wielded wire fabrics, shear pins to support in case the units fail to interlock. Even if the wall is high though, you typically won’t need any type of “dead man support” because of the nature of how the blocks are designed. Additional soil may also be required for reinforcement.

McCullough Landscaping uses Redi-Rock modular block for all commercial retaining walls. Check out the video below from our partner at Redi-Rock

While constructing a modular bock retaining wall, consider also the drainage system to allow permeable water passage and hence maintain the resistance and pressure of the soil. Modular blocks are said to be permeable and allow water passage still maintaining their resistance. This is due to their segmental nature which helps in resisting hydrostatic pressure. The modular walls depend on their coherent mass to overturn and resist the sheer force of the back fill dirt behind them.

Easy To Maintain

The modular block walls are easy to install since they require less excavation and therefore offer flexible construction. No heavy machinery is required for installation and usually can be done by hand. However at McCullough Landscaping we still use any heavy machinery whenever possible to give our customers the best landscape wall possible. They are also easy to maintain, very durable and cost effective unlike other types of walls such as wood landscape timber retention walls. They are good in home landscaping as well as for purposes of constructing commercial walls.

alpharetta modular block retention wall

Modular Block Wall in Alpharetta GA

Besides holding and preventing erosion, modular blocks are also made to stabilize slopes holding back the earth as well as to define pathways. They are also created to mark outdoor boundaries in yards which have no features. They are constructed to take curves, corners and steps in different setbacks. Modular blocks are also available in different colors, textures, shapes and have a variety of stacking systems. When shopping for a modular wall, consider the effect and purpose of the wall in order to bring out the best and unique piece.

McCullough Landscaping will offer a selection of styles and colors during your planning phase. So make sure to give us a call today at (678)210-1020. Let’s get started so we can help you transform your ugly yard, into the best and most beautiful yard in your neighborhood.

Check out our retaining wall reviews in Yelp.

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Commercial Retention Wall Construction

Redi-Rock Commercial Walls

McCullough Landscaping is one of the leaders in commercial retaining wall construction in the Metro Atlanta area. Having the right equipment to undertake one of these massive projects is a must. Our company has invested millions of dollars into our machines so we can do any project no matter how small or how big.

Being a certified Redi-Rock installer, we have found that these products allow us to construct the strongest wall possible while at the same time producing an extremely attractive end result.

Redi-Rock is the leader in the commercial block retaining wall product industry, creating systems with “The Essence of Natural Rock”. Redi-Rock  has developed a complete line of coordinating products that include gravity walls, reinforced walls, freestanding walls, columns, caps, steps, and pavers.

Gravity Walls

Need to build close to an existing building, property line, or utilities?

The massive, one-ton Redi-Rock blocks rely on the sheer weight of each block to hold a hill or dirt in place. They don’t require geogrid reinforcement, so the amount of excavation required is minimized. The patented knob and groove design aligns blocks perfectly. Installation is fast and easy, just like building a Lego wall. The blocks are made of architectural grade precast concrete, but they look like natural stone, giving reinforced retaining walls a beautiful but strong look. See photo below where McCullough Landscaping used this Redi-Rock product.


Reinforced Walls

Have critical projects such as bridge abutments, wing walls, or retaining walls?


Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) System for reinforced walls are low maintenance and long lasting. The PC System requires only two components: the block and the geo-grid. There are no special connection components that can fail or corrode, which simplifies the construction sequence and provides a rock solid connection. Wet-cast, air-entrained concrete blocks offer greater durability and longer maintenance-free service life for reinforced walls. This in turn saves on maintenance costs over the life of the wall. This unique system provides taller wall design heights in just about every situation.

 Freestanding Walls

Looking for a freestanding wall, large planter, staircase, signage foundation?

Redi-Rock Freestanding blocks are textured on both sides, giving above-grade walls an unbeatable, finished look for any project you design. They stand freely on top of retaining walls or concrete surfaces creating a barrier wall or planter wall. Redi-Rock freestanding blocks weigh 1527 lbs. each, so you don’t have to worry about blocks moving or falling.

No matter how big the project, McCullough Landscaping can handle it! We don’t only use Redi-Rock products for these commercial retention wall projects. But we’ve found that they are the leader when it comes to the design and appearance of these massive building blocks. Whatever the project… we are ready to help. Give us a call today and let’s get the ball rolling.

We’ll leave you with this video that shows us doing commercial projects using Redi-Rock products as well as other residential retaining wall projects. Hope you enjoy! Please leave comments or questions. You can use our Contact Form or call us directly at (678)210-1020.

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