Modular Blocks Make Beautiful Retention Walls

Modular Blocks Offer Flexibility When Constructing Landscape Walls

Modular blocks are made from poured reinforced concrete. They are constructed to tie back resisting gravity and therefore retaining soil. Modular blocks offer different aesthetic designs and are a common technique for wall retention. They are preferred in most application and designs now because of their simple construction technique, unlike the poured concrete walls. The designing of modular block walls in Atlanta can be applied in areas with environmental constraints. It is also flexible to make and durable as compared to stones.

cumming retaining wall

Modular Block Wall in Cumming GA

To construct this kind of gravity retention wall requires one to have modular concrete blocks, gravel and sand. Tools and materials required for construction are commonly available. They include the tape measure, a level, and wheelbarrow for transportation, rubber mallet, block splitter and a spade. For safety, you will also require leather gloves and glasses. These are materials used for residential and commercial heavy duty walls. Large and big commercial construction projects may require heavy machinery to make your work easy. McCullough Landscaping has the heavy equipment to perform these tasks.

Modular Blocks Offer Tremendous Support

Modular blocks are usually identical precast concrete units that are independently placed interlocking to offset pressure. They are placed in a tier system and are very advantageous in areas with seismic soils. These blocks are simple to construct and cost effective. You start by ground leveling, high level precast concrete units, wielded wire fabrics, shear pins to support in case the units fail to interlock. Even if the wall is high though, you typically won’t need any type of “dead man support” because of the nature of how the blocks are designed. Additional soil may also be required for reinforcement.

McCullough Landscaping uses Redi-Rock modular block for all commercial retaining walls. Check out the video below from our partner at Redi-Rock

While constructing a modular bock retaining wall, consider also the drainage system to allow permeable water passage and hence maintain the resistance and pressure of the soil. Modular blocks are said to be permeable and allow water passage still maintaining their resistance. This is due to their segmental nature which helps in resisting hydrostatic pressure. The modular walls depend on their coherent mass to overturn and resist the sheer force of the back fill dirt behind them.

Easy To Maintain

The modular block walls are easy to install since they require less excavation and therefore offer flexible construction. No heavy machinery is required for installation and usually can be done by hand. However at McCullough Landscaping we still use any heavy machinery whenever possible to give our customers the best landscape wall possible. They are also easy to maintain, very durable and cost effective unlike other types of walls such as wood landscape timber retention walls. They are good in home landscaping as well as for purposes of constructing commercial walls.

alpharetta modular block retention wall

Modular Block Wall in Alpharetta GA

Besides holding and preventing erosion, modular blocks are also made to stabilize slopes holding back the earth as well as to define pathways. They are also created to mark outdoor boundaries in yards which have no features. They are constructed to take curves, corners and steps in different setbacks. Modular blocks are also available in different colors, textures, shapes and have a variety of stacking systems. When shopping for a modular wall, consider the effect and purpose of the wall in order to bring out the best and unique piece.

McCullough Landscaping will offer a selection of styles and colors during your planning phase. So make sure to give us a call today at (678)210-1020. Let’s get started so we can help you transform your ugly yard, into the best and most beautiful yard in your neighborhood.

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