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McCullough Landscaping is proud to announce our new location in Marietta GA. This office is primarily an engineering and design office where our certified landscape architects will design the majority of our retaining wall plans. This is where we design our walls that are Built to last a lifetime.

Failing Cross Tie Walls Are a Liability to Homeowners In Marietta

We have found that many homes in this area are at the age where the original retention walls installed by the home builder are in need of replacement. Most of these landscape walls were originally built using either cross tie material, which are soaked in environmentally unfriendly creosote, or they were constructed using 6 x 6 pressure treated landscape timbers. Both materials have a limited life span and begin failing after reaching the 20 – 25 year mark. That is if they were constructed with proper design features which include proper drainage to prevent
hydro-static pressure build up. Typically these type walls will begin failing before 20 years if they weren’t designed and installed properly. That seems to be the case with most of the walls we have been replacing in the Marietta – Cobb County area.

Modular RetaininModular block retaining wall in Mariettag Wall Blocks are the way to go

We recommend using engineered modular retaining wall blocks on any newly installed hardscape structures. Not only do they come with a lifetime warranty, they are absolutely gorgeous and add a touch of class and elegance to areas that previously were ugly and detracted from the aesthetics of the property, not to mention had become dangerous and a liability for the  homeowner.

Modular Block Retaining Wall Costs

Most homeowners think they can save a lot of money by using wood timbers on their new retaining wall. But that’s not completely true. In the long run, over time it’s less expensive to use modular blocks. Surprisingly the material costs to use modular block instead of wood timbers is only about 10% – 15% higher. Then when you factor in that you get a lifetime warranty with modular block, it actually is cheaper over time to use block. Also in our opinion there is
no comparison when considering the looks of the modular block compared to a wood wall. So over time… it just makes sense to have McCullough Landscaping build a wall that lasts a lifetime.

Natural stone is also a long lasting landscape wall solution

Now recently we have designed and installed several natural stone and boulder walls. These type walls give a more natural feel to a property and when used in the right situation can be a very attractive and long lasting solution. Our designers will let you know if we think you have the right setting for a natural stone retaining wall. It pretty much goes without saying that these style retaining walls will last a lifetime. However it is very important that the foundation is designed property to prevent sinking and failing over time.

Commercial retaining walls in Marietta GA

McCullough Landscaping works closely with one of the leaders in the commercial retaining walCommercial retaining wall materialsl block industry, Redi-Rock. We specialize in designing commercial retention walls. Our crews are experienced in installing commercial retention walls and have done so for several private commercial properties as well as different municipalities in the Metro Atlanta Area.

McCullough Landscaping – Your Best Choice for retaining walls in Marietta

With our years of experience, 100’s of awesome retaining wall designs and installations, plus friendly and honest customer service – McCullough Landscaping is your best choice for a professional retaining wall company in Marietta Ga that you can trust!

See some of our recent Marietta projects by clicking around in the custom Google Map below

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